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FairCert Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.

FairCert Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. was established as an independent third-party inspection and certification body accredited by Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Government of India for NPOP-India.
FairCert is recognized by the EU Commission and included in the list in Annex IV to Regulation (EC) No. 1235/2008 for Bhutan and Nepal for product categories A, B, D & E, and for India for product categories B, D and E.
FairCert is authorized as Regional Council under PGS-India program for PAN India by PGS-India National Advisory Committee (PGS-NAC).

FairCert Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.
FairCert Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.

As a certification body to initiate operations in India, FairCert has been closely associated with quality improvement, value addition and developing trusted brands in India.
FairCert offers a comprehensive & a diverse range of inspection and certification services to its large clientele that includes leading Corporate, Private Sector, Government Department, Small and Medium Enterprises.
FairCert’s strength lies in its qualified, trained and dedicated team of professionals. The mission of FairCert is to provide services to its clients not only at a competitive price, but also let them experience a high-quality customer service in the area of inspection and certification.
Through our services we focus on sustainable environment and human health. Whether your business is small or big, we can ensure your products meet quality parameter, industry standards, health, environmental safety and social accountability for any market around the world.


  • To make certification services accessible and affordable even to marginal and tribal farmers.
  • To compel 100% client satisfaction.
  • To provide timely; effective; efficient and impartial services to all the clients.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality inspection & certification services that enable clients to meet their business goals more effectively; to offer accessible and affordable inspection and certification services to our clients for their products and processes; to become a leading inspection & certification body worldwide.


Our vision serves as the framework for achieving our mission and delivers a comprehensive & a diverse range of inspection and certification services to the large clientele.

Our Core Values

We are committed to a teamwork environment where every staff is a valued member, treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and recognized and rewarded for his/her efforts.

We accept responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.

We are committed to satisfying client needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.

Our team is supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another, and upkeep for each other both personally and professionally.

We strive to help and improve the communities where we work and live. We are concerned about the environment and promote the use of recyclable products and renewable energy.

We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.

We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to deliver high-quality inspection & certification services.

All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.